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28 May 2006 @ 12:01 pm
"this is a OISHII~" & "this is a UMAI!"  
Youtube is my greatest entertainment in life~(笑) Since BT bites, there's alot of variety programs i couldn't watch like [Ya ya yah]

So, the alternative would be YOUTUBE!!
YES! they have people uploading tons of 『Ya ya yah』episode there. I was enjoying my midnight without my grandma sharing a room last night, squealing and squealing over SHOON<3 (笑) Okays, i was squealing over yabu too^^ they are just too cute! 『薮: "this is a OISHII~" & "this is a UMAI!" XD』mehhhs~ Yabu's so cute<3 Trying to speak english... (= =!!)

Moreover, there's KUSANO once in a while, Tesshi, Shige, Keii-chan and Massu^^ Making the whole show worthwhile~ After watching 『Ya ya yah』episodes, i really miss Kusano's cheeky smile, and his cheeky everything~(涙) gahhhh!!` I really wonder where is he, what is he doing, how is he now. May he be still living well! 草ちゃん、ガンバレよ!!(笑)
Current Location: In Princess Ueda's room ^ ^
Current Mood: lovedThis is a OISHII XD
Current Music: KAT-TUN - Miracle
hobknobb on November 26th, 2009 04:21 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday!