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25 May 2006 @ 11:35 pm
KAT-TUN SPRING CONCERT`06 [Concert Report Part 2]  
Then the spotlights on Kame and Junno was switch off and focus on A-TUN whose at the back of the arena seats(near us) Kame and Junno changed into the red robes quickly and they started singing [I Like It] & [Messenger]. The small little manually controlled stage they were on moved and it became 3 to the left and 3 to the right. From far right to far left: Tacchan, Kame, Kouki, and middle stage at the back of the arena area, Jin, Junno, Yucci. They started the Cosplay time!! All of them expect Kouki when below their small stage to get changed. So first, Kouki introduced Kurosawa from anego. On the 14th concert, Jin’s mic had some problem, he wanted to say something but when the mic was properly fixed and he finally can speak, Kouki skipped him and introduced Tacchan!! It’s so cute, Kouki’s bullying bakanishi! Tacchan cosplayed his younger self as everyone knows. Next, Keichiro from HAPPY! was introduced, he shot 2 tennis balls to the audience and did some talking then next, 55000 people screamed “Shuuji!!” So Shuuji came out with koji (yuto) and a new junior who’s the son of a famous person related to teppei. As expected screams were 21435486654886 times louder then any parts of the concert. Because it’s Shuuji you see!!~ haha.
Then three of them with the 55000 of us did the “Nobuta Power~ Shuunyu~” After which, Shuuji took over Kouki’s part and continue to introduce Yucci’s cosplay character.(I didn’t know the name of it but I know he’s cosplaying that guy that was mentioned in one of the music fighter episode, the one Yucci did a funny face to) And last, Kameda Kouki!! He came back on stage with juniors holding big banners of “Kameda Kouki”. After some talk, they started singing again. [Original Blue] & [Miracle] as they sing, the manually controlled small little stage moved them all back to the main stage. And then Shuuji started singing [Seishun Amigo] the other played and fooled around. Tacchan went straight in to prepare for Butterfly. Jin was still outside playing around with others for a while before he gets to the backstage.

Halfway through [Seishun Amigo] the music stopped around the chorus, the juniors that were back dancing stopped dancing too and the 55000 people started singing with Shuuji!! Once again, it feels so GREAT!!<3 When everyone was singing already, Shuuji stopped singing and started to wave like a conductor conducting a band of 55000 people. Kouki wanted to stop him but can’t as we went on singing and Shuuji went on conducting, so… Yucci went to hug Shuuji to make him stop I guess. XD

Now, they were talking, Shuuji with Koji and the new boy sat by the stairs, Kouki MC-ing, Yucci did funny stuffs with Yamada and Morimoto (from JJ.express) Afterwhich, Yucci announced that Yamada would be in a drama starting from July. Next, Yucci did this Super Mario thingy. You know, when Mario consume the mushroom, he’ll either get bigger or smaller right? Yucci did that! He shrink himself with the sound effect from the Mario game. Then I think a battle between Kouki and Yucci is going on, so Yucci grew back to the normal size (note: he really did shrink himself) and then both of them jumped onto the manually moving small little stage.

The small stages were then pushed by the staffs so fast that you’ll see them running towards the stage stationed at the back of the arena area. Upon reaching that stage, two of them did the TANAKA thingy, there was doraemon, kappa and something else (waiting for rui-chan to translate^^) After the TANAKA performance, People at the main stage (Shuuji, Keichiro, Koji and the juniors) immediately start to dance to [Seishun Amigo] again while Yucci and Kouki rush back to the main stage on the small little moving stage and end off the Cosplay part!

Next, it’s [BUTTERFLY]. Jin was on right side of the main stage and Tacchan on the left. Both of them with their guitar. No sunglasses this time^^ haha. And YES! Rui-chan is screaming like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t seems to really remember what happen when they sang [BUTTERFLY]. After this song, KT-TN came out. Kame, Kouki went to the stage Tacchan was on. Yucci, Junno went to Jin. Kame and gang started to sing first. [WILDS OF MY HEART] was actually harmonizing in the front part more then 3 of them singing together. Then it was Jin and gang’s turn to sing. Next was [Pika Pika] & [Tsuki no Michi ~Rock.Ver]. They were once again on those small little stage pushed manually by the staffs. They went onto the stage behind the arena audience. Actually during those three songs, they were practically EVERYWHERE around the hall if I’m not wrong. And the whole hall’s atmosphere was 100% high!!

Then, here it comes. [PRECIOUS ONE] Jin and Kame was on the round stage behind the arena seats. T-TUN on the middle moving stage that was stationed just in front of the round stage akame was on at that point of time. They started singing, you hear people still screaming, and some were singing together (especially the chorus). Both the stage began to rise and we got a very clear view of them on the 14th. My eyes got all teary halfway through the song. Thinking of the 5 years they’ve gone through, how difficult it is for them to reach where they are standing at that moment. In Tokyo dome, 55000 people with them, singing their song. I believe that’s what made Yucci cried near the ending of the song. The moment the screen captured Yucci crying, the whole hall was filled with screams and squeals and tears!! (The major Yucci fan cried immediately cans!) And the second and third time the big screen capture Yucci crying, the louder the screams were. When the song ended, sobbing was heard clearly from my recording.

And then it was time for them to have their last speech. They were on the main stage already. (Shall wait for rui-chan’s translation) In the order of NUT-TAK, they began talking. ALL of them became teary. Yucci still seems like sobbing, Kouki seems like he chocked on his speech (he seems teary too), Junno was really teary and near to crying on the 14th and CRIED on the 13th. After which, they introduced the juniors one by one announcing their names (only for those who are in grps already) Then some wording appeared on the big screen. Some very touching words. Then KAT-TUN went into backstage.

And of course, 55000 people started to scream for encore! After leaving the audience to scream and squeal for encores about a minute or so. Real Face’s PV appeared on the big screen!! Kame, Tacchan and Junno came out from the left side of the hall. They were on this moving stage at the back of the arena seats. Jin, Kouki and Yucci from the right side. There was a moment when two of the stage intersects and Tacchan playfully pulled out a sword which obviously belongs to Junno because Junno’s the only one holding a sword for the entire concert!! XD And then he attacked Jin when the two moving stage meets each other. Next song was [Peaceful Days]. I didn’t know the title was [Peaceful days] until rui-chan told me on the 13th!! Hahaa… I always recognize that song by “that K-A, K-A, K-A-T-T-U-N song” While singing these two songs. They were throwing out the colorful balls and signatured boards. On the 13th, we were so near one of the balls Tacchan and Junno threw out! XD Again, during the song [Peaceful Days] they were like all around the hall. And then when the song ended they were back to the main stage again. AHHHH!! I love that atmosphere!! SO FUN! Especially with everyone shouting that K-A, K-A, K-A-T-T-U-N together!!

Then, they introduced the juniors again. This time, not one by one but group by group. And when they introduced themselves, they threw the mic to us. So 55000 people shouting K A T - T U N!!!! Together^^ *screams!!~* after that, they went into backstage. This time round, even five went in too. But! We still continued to scream and shout for the second encore! Less then about a minute and they came out again. They did some talking (shall still wait for rui-chan’s translation again). And we screamed. The final encore song was [Will be all right]. On the 13th’s concert, Jin didn’t get to start his line on time! BAKA! He gave that baka grin again!!! *hearts*
This encore, they stayed on the main stage. But still everything was so so so fun!!

Automatically, after [Will be all right], we all screamed for another song despite that Kouki already told us there’s no time left and that [Will be all right] is the last song already. Then Kouki emphasize that it’s really really the last song already. Gahhhhh!! Have to really hear how he said that. So sweet cans!!! Like coaxing 55000 fangirls~ haha! XD Coaxing 55000 GIRLFRIENDS! XD

Then they decide on the last song. It’s really the last song of the day and the entire Spring Concert. [Harukana Yakusoku]!!!!! My favourite song~ Everyone seems specially high during the last song^^ And when the song ended, the screaming and squealings seems 55354848761286355464 times LOUDER! Then after a few arigatou(s) they went into the backstage. And that’s really the end of the concert~^^


So, how's the report? *smiles*
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s.pigletsheilapiglet on May 27th, 2006 06:37 am (UTC)
thanks alot for translating...makes me really envious that i couldn't be there as well..hehe...I'm so proud of the boys...they deserve this recognition and support from thousands of fans...they've waited 5 long years and this is their time to shine..I hope that the fans will continue to support kattun for a very very long time=)
Yuiiuhiuh on May 30th, 2006 09:09 am (UTC)
thanks for reading^^
I never thought anyone would actually read this other then my friends who have this LJ's add that i gave them directly. haha. anyway, the concert was really great. They really deserves this. But you know, the better they are doing... The more KAT-TUN haters there will be. I don't expect fans to love them for very very long. Just at least don't turn out hating them one day. haha!^^