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25 May 2006 @ 11:19 pm
KAT-TUN SPRING CONCERT`06 [Concert Report Part 1]  
Finally, I have the time to settle down and type a detailed concert report!
I’m doing a report for both days since it’s about the same for both^^

We were late for the concert on the 13th May 2006.
5pm and we’re still in the train, on the way to Tokyo Dome. It’s my fault because I didn’t check the tickets properly. I told rui-chan and her dad the concert starts on 7pm. But no, it starts at 5.30 (17:30) <- that’s why I got it mixed up :p Then when we reach Tokyo Dome, we were rushing to the gate, and found out that actually we still have to queue up to get in. The queue was really a long one but luckily it was late already and the queue was fast enough. We only queued for like less then 15mins? Haha… yah, around there. Then rui-chan bought her goods and because I have a really huge list(we are rushing already) so I just got the penlight and a tacchan uchiwa first. But on 14th May 2006, we were there early. Reach there around 2pm because I wanted to get my goods and I’m so afraid that the queue would be too long. I bought my goods, 11posters, 4mirror, 2t-shirts, 2towels, 2pamphlets, 10uchiwas, 1tattoo, 7clear files, 5photo sets. HUGE list isn’t it? Haha… I’m attracting so much attention even when I’m outside the concert hall, imagine when I’m in train and passing the airport custom!! XD After buying the goods, we sat outside the Dome waiting to go into the concert hall.

We went in and settle down, not long after, everyone stand up and started screaming. The concert has began! The opening was rather grand, they walked out from the backstage as the narrator announce their names. Jin licked his fingers so scandalously, Kame was as sexy as ever and then I don’t remember seeing the others, maybe nothing special, they just walked out. (or because I was busy crying so hard that I didn’t take a good look at the rest of them)

Then they started the concert with [Real Face]. Two of them on one moving stage that moves from the original stage pass through the audience and then to the back of the arena which is near us^^ So there are 3 of that moving stage that would move pass the top of the arena audience(the one you can see in the Johnny Countdown 05-06). I only remember Kame and Jin was in the middle one, either Kouki/Yucci on the most left hand side one and Tacchan/Junno on the most right hand side one(near us) or vice-versa. After [Real Face] was [Fight all Night], [GOLD], [Harukana Yakusoku] and [Never again] + [Le Ciel] on the 14th one (not in order). They were singing on the stage stationed at the back of the arena seats which is nearer to us. The atmosphere in the whole hall was so high!! They sing as they went back to the main stage.

Now, on the main stage came Kouki’s solo [SHORTY]. Kouki is so damn hot! He wore a sunglass and he had this jacket with a number 7 and on top of the 7 it’s a crown on the left side of his shirt. I think shortly after he started singing, jin came out from the right side of the main stage on another small moving stage. Yucci came out from the left side. As usual, Jin’s dance moves made us all drool and it became so difficult to keep my focus on Kouki XD All I remembered was Kouki finish his solo by a sexy pose.

Then it was Junno’s solo. The theme of it is something about China or Chinese. The costume he wore has a dragon tail on the back of it and the head of the dragon was on his right hand’s sleeve. He holds a sword and he dance with that sword for his entire solo. As usual, he looks so prince charming and dances so well.

After that, lights off, and we hear whistling… then our lovely Kame walked out in that lovely white suit and a white hat with a white tie. Then, a junior present his lovely sex partner!! Opps, I mean white chair XD Now, he started singing and dancing with/to his chair. Need I elaborate more? I believe everyone saw his solo performance right? If not, I think youtube has it^^ Okays, and then, he was on this moving stage in the middle, when he was halfway through, he untied his tie and tied it onto his lovely white chair with a very loving look!! (Yes, we were squealing) Like he’s very in love with that lovely white chair! He was stripping in the whole process, first he took of his hat then coat then tie and then when coming to the end of his solo, he took off his shirt and lay scandalously on the lovely white chair! (Yes, we were $%^$#%@^* SCREAMING!)

Before we even stop squealing, Kouki and Yucci came out. Kouki on the right side of the hall and Yucci on the left side. They were singing One on One on this small little moving stage at the back of the arena audience, which is very near us! The One on One they sang isn’t the full one we hear on the album so it’s rather short. Then after that song, KAT-U came out to the stage stationed at the back of the arena seat. They sang quiet a few songs including SHE SAID, Rush of Light and No matter matter. After which, one of KAT-TUN told us to sit down because it’s the MC time!! ^^

MC on 13th May 2006
They first mention about their Real Face single #1 on chart for 3 weeks and that they will be hosting 24-hr TV. Next, I only remember Yucci talking about the shirt he was wearing. It’s so damn cute!! He personally did a shirt with his name [YUCCI] in the front and he even printed 1983 below the wordings. At the back of the shirt, it was KAT-TUN. And Kame mentioned that he washed his hair an hour ago before the concert starts and blows it dry and applied wax on it (rui-chan please correct me if I’m wrong) and then our cute little Kouki said something like: ”me too!!”(about the hair thingy) LOL! Then it’s either Kame or Jin who said something to Kouki regarding his comment about the hair thingy. Kouki started to act like he’s crying! OMG! That face is hilarious^^ there was a moment Jin laughed so hard that he had to squat down! They talked about the design of the shopping bag was designed by Yucci. And that, the logo was special small and at one corner of the bag because they were afraid that it might be embarrassing for us to be holding one with BIG logo of [KAT-TUN] taking train home after the concert. (Something like that) Just like the bright yellow plastic bag from the official JE shop. It’s just so eye-catching that everyone knows where you just came out from (though I don’t really mind). How sweet of them right? Haha… After that, they talked about their radio programs KAT-TUN Style and R-One. Poor Junno, others were imitating him playing games again. Then, I can’t remember much already because I didn’t record and I didn’t manage to understand most of it. So, we’ll have to wait for rui-chan to translate ^^

MC on 14th May 2006
I think we’ll wait for rui-chan’s translation because we have recording for this concert so her translation would be more accurate. ^^ I’ll just type what I remember. Same as the day before, they did mention about their Single ranking, the hosting of 24 hr TV and about Mother’s day. They were asked what they gave their mums for that special day I think. And Jin said he said to his mum in a very kidish tone “okasan, itsumo arigatou”(you’ll hear this in one of the news report I uploaded) And when they asked Tacchan how he celebrated Tacchan was like “What? There’s a mother’s festival?” (= =!!) *Tacchan!!* The hair talk was still on. Kouki did the same hilarious crying face! After that they were talking about the number of fanboys in the hall. KAT-TUN requested the ALL the guys in the hall to like “AHHH!!!” and the respond we got is pretty positive. ^^ Now, they talked about the radio program too, this time when Kouki and Junno talked about KAT-TUN Style, they mention about the hyphen in KAT-TUN in between their initials. So they hold hands to make it look like T-T. Then, when talking about R-One, Tacchan cutely forgot that it was a Sunday that day and requested 55000 people to listen to their radio program after the concert. (R-One is broadcasted on Wednesday!). And that Yucci will be designing the T-shirt for the 24 hr TV program^^

All in all, the MC was cute and fun.
After MC they sang [Blue Tuesday]. First verse was Kouki, second verse Junno and the third verse(the one before chorus) was Jin. Jin forgot his lines on the 13th and he apologized with his BAKA grin, so CUTE!! Kouki and Tacchan were on the staircase on the main stage. Jin and Yucci’s at the right side’s small moving stage on the main stage. Kame and Junno on the left. After the chorus, first verse was Tacchan, second verse was Maru third verse was Jin.^^ That song was really so nice! Especially Junno who sounded not very good in those KAT-TUN medley when we watched in Utawara and Music Fighter.

Then they introduced Johnnys Juniors.
ABC, Kis-My-Ft2 and JJ.Express sang a song each. Which I have no idea what the song title was. The two major Yucci fan beside me was also great fan of Kis-My-Ft2, so they were screaming all along when the juniors came out. Then all the juniors came out and sang [Venus]! It feels so good when all 55000 people dance along to Venus with the juniors! Then after [Venus], it was the fiVe’s performance. Being the fan of Daisuke (for your information, he’s the pianist of five & Question) Rui-chan and I screamed for him!! ^^

Now, lights off again.
Spotlight hits my pretty boy!! Opps XD its Tacchan’s solo now.
He was sitting by the stairs and when the spotlight hits him, he gave a CUTE smile and a twist!! (YES! No doubts, I fainted upon that!) After which, music starts but he did not sing. Lyric of Love in Snow appeared on the big screen and people started singing together! (YES! I cried when I listened to the recording! I’m so touched!! aww~) then Tacchan shouted: “Minna saigo!!!” and his solo song [Sparkling] started. As usual, like his solo clip I uploaded a few weeks back, there was one part where he jumped and jumped who looks too cute to be rockish to me^^ (YES! No doubts, I was jumping and screaming “Tacchan” whenever I can like a mad woman throughout)

Then came Yucci. He looks so dashing! In white suit and white hat too and black gloves. His solo title is [BEAT box~ My weather]. He introduced himself “Nakamaru Yuichi desu” and with some speech (which I don’t understand) then he started his beat box by singing Kizuna. And there was this part that his mic wasn’t anywhere near his mouth but at his throat, yet we still can hear his beat box! Amazingly, we were all stunned~ Then, there was this part he duet with a junior playing violin. After his beat box performance was the umbrella dance! Haha.. maybe that’s why it’s called [BEAT box ~My weather] Kame and Junno came out to back dance for Yucci with umbrellas. Kame tied up his hair! It’s so so so so good looking that I and rui-chan can’t help but screamed! Again, like Kouki’s solo performance with Jin back dancing, here, we have Kame back dancing so it was again difficult for me to keep my focus on Yucci. (Major Yucci fans please refer to rui-chan’s report, she might have remembered Yucci’s solo performance clearly) Anyway, the umbrella dance was nice. They had lights on the umbrella, Yucci’s one was white light, Kame and Junno’s one was blue light and the juniors who were back dancing ones were red light.

Now, sexiest of all, HITOSHI appeared on the top of the stairs.
He walked down the stairs as he sang [Pinky] and went onto the middle moving stage. And as usual, he’s so damn hot and sexy! The moving stage reaches the back of the arena seats and were once again NEAR us when the song was about to end. And then…. TA DA! The blonde chick came up the stage. And I need not elaborate more, everyone has seen that solo clip so yah, though we knew it was just our beloved Tanaka Kouki but we’re still squealing and screaming and jumping and… and… yah! That’s it! XD

Next was [Special Happiness]. Lights were dim and spotlights on Kame and Junno. They were both in the midst of the arena audience on those small moving stage where the staff had to push it manually. Kame wearing a pink tank top on the right side and Junno wearing a grey collar shirt with a dark coloured tie on the left. On the 14th concert, Kame stopped singing at one part of his verse and threw his mic to us. Once again, the feeling of 55000 people singing a song together is GREAT! <3
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lesth: Yabu-namelesth on October 22nd, 2008 07:09 pm (UTC)
Ohh... really you saw Pinky in live O____________o
OMG It must have been like crazy among the fans!!
> well you were very lucky!! =)